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Achieve The Look Of Success

Dress Your Location for Success with the Help of Mosca Design

When it comes to decorating your commercial location, expectations can run pretty high. Whether you are dressing up your storefront for the holiday season or looking for the perfect way to make a big impression with your next event, putting everything together can be quite a challenge. From lights to banners to season-specific decorations, and everything outside and in between, finding all of the decorations and hardware can be tricky if you don't have the right source.

Taking pride in solving the design and decoration challenges for clients of all descriptions, Mosca Design has created a huge catalog of decorations for every event, holiday and season. But more than that, Mosca Design offers their over 30 years of extensive experience in the business to their customers in the form of knowledgeable customer support, custom banners and other items, and installation and storage services within their service area covering 3 U.S. States. 

Decorate With Your Personal Flair

Every location has its own unique character and personality. With the extensive offerings available from Mosca Design, you can put a personal touch in every decoration by making your own selection through the many available options of light displays, holiday decorations, stock pole banners for different holidays and occasions, and commercial decorations of all varieties. 

To really make things unique, you can make use of the Custom Banner service to get your own completely unique pole banners and seasonal main street banners! If you have exacting specifications for what you want, Mosca Design is happy to realize your vision precisely as you've laid it out. But if you're unsure of what you want, take advantage of the helpful support of their experienced and highly creative team who will be happy to assist you with every aspect of the design.

Pole banners are an ideal display which takes advantage of an existing structure such as a lamp post or streetlight post to draw more attention to your location. Designed for long-term use outside, Mosca Design’s banners are resistant to the elements and designed for durability as well as appealing aesthetics. Providing a one stop shop for all things pole banners, Mosca Design can also provide the necessary hardware to mount the banner.

Bring the Spirit of the Seasons to Your Storefront

At Mosca Design, we believe in the philosophy that the spirit of the seasons is an important part of our surroundings. By making use of seasonal and holiday decorations, businesses and property owners can provide their customers and guests with a novel experience and an ever-changing location which can be relied on to provide a neat spectacle as the year goes by.

From getting into the Christmas Spirit with a beautiful tree, to showing your patriotic spirit with some 4th of July decorations, all the way to getting some silly spooky fun with a Halloween gag, Mosca Design provides everything needed to truly capture the spirit of every season.

Catch the Eye with a Unique Lighting Display

Clever use of lighting can be one of the most powerful ways to attract attention where you want it. In addition to festive lighting such as Christmas lights being an essential part of seasonal decor, visually interesting or cleverly placed lighting displays can provide an attention grabbing spectacle year round. LED Light strings, classic RGB Christmas Lights, falling snow tubes, and even seasonally-themed lights can be employed at any time to spice up the look of a location indoors or out.

In addition to having all the lighting in just about every variety one could need, Mosca Design also provides all of the tools and hardware to turn your lighting installation into whatever you can dream up! If you're looking for a completely customized display, our experts can make true works of art to your specification, sure to dazzle anyone lucky enough to see them.
Don't Hesitate to Call!
If you have any questions, comments or inquiries, be sure to contact Mosca Design’s helpful staff for assistance. If you need help selecting the best commercial holiday decor, designing the display for your next event, finding the right hardware for your displays, or any other questions, we are always happy to help!

For wholesale prices on commercial decorations for all seasons, check out the web store to browse the extensive catalog of banners, lighting, holiday decorations and more. Clients in select cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia can also take advantage of Mosca Design’s on-site installations and decoration storage services!

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