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Annual Christmas Sale!

Attention city managers, district planners, shopping center managers, church administrations, parks personnel, community leaders, and organizers in charge of procuring Christmas decorations everywhere! 

Once a year in January and February, Mosca Design has a legendary Christmas sale that can't be beat anywhere! Prices are slashed thirty-three percent for the highest quality Christmas decorations available on the market! From large scale Christmas decorations to color changing RGB LED lights, Mosca Design offers only the very best quality Christmas decorations... and now they are affordable on any budget if you take advantage of this amazing sale!


It's never too early to start preparing for the next holiday season and this is the perfect time to begin. Since the prices are so low during Mosca Design's Annual Christmas sale, municipal district planners can easily stretch a limited budget much further and make the elected officials and the people they serve very happy. Managers of commercial business districts can look good in the eyes of the boss by finding such a great deal on Christmas decorations.
Mosca Design's big annual Christmas sale is also the perfect time to add to your Christmas decoration collection for next year. Expand your lamp post decorations and/or replace the older ones that are beginning to show wear. You can also add some new types of Christmas decorations to your decoration mix to keep it fresh and interesting even to those who return to see your displays every year. Large lighted snowflakes are always popular as are Mosca Design's holiday banners and ground displays. 
This fabulous sale is also the perfect time to replace your non-working RGB LED lights and incandescent lamps. You can also stock up on emergency lights to accomodate your contingency plans. For something a little more sophisticated, Mosca Design carries a full line of LED snowfall tubes and lighted wraps for trees. Having a full array of lighting is one of the most essential elements of any Christmas theme. While you are adding Christmas lights, why not add a stylish lighted marquee at your entrance and/or a lighted swag skyline with snowflakes or Christmas flowers.
Expand your decorated areas with large scale fully lit panel trees ranging in size from fourteen feet to thirty feet. These look gorgeous day and night and give your community a focal point at which to gather and celebrate the season. These impressive trees generate good will among all who gaze upon them. Of course, families love to take their children and visiting relatives to see these grand scale Christmas tress so this is a purchase who will impress many people. With Mosca Design's amazing Christmas sale, you may be able to afford an even larger Christmas tree than you have ever contemplated before! Visit our website and/or order a catalog and consider all the possibilities!
Going to see the Christmas lights is a holiday tradition that everyone enjoys, young and old. A well designed Christmas display is a source of civic pride for all. Tasteful Christmas lights and Christmas decorations also lure more customers into business centers, adding not only to the festive spirit of the season but giving a much needed boost to the local economy.
Don't miss out on Mosca Design's big annual Christmas sale. It will only last a few more weeks so you need to act fast. This is one of those rare opportunities to get high quality at an amazing bargain price!


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