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*(Attached Wire)* LED 24" SnowFall Tube (Box of 5)

Snow fall tubes! Make people want to just stand right in the middle of their light displays and look up in awe!  These LED filled snowfall tubes mimic the sight of falling snow and create a dazzling addition to your holiday display!

LED Snowfall Tubes with attached white wire to the base Chasing Double-Sided LED Lights! Requires power plug! Spacers are optional!

  • Helpful Bulb Diagram
  • These snowfall tubes are attached to a white wire (commercial wire) with male connector on one end and female on the other
  • 24" tubes contain 32 Double-Sided LEDs
  • LED lights sequence downward creating a cascade of lights.
  • Connecto up to 200 tubes
  • All spacer wires and power cords sold seperately 
  • Learn more about our custom light displays here!

Weight: 0.5 lb.
SKU: 24in-Asnowtube

Decoration Examples