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Commercial Holiday Decoration Installation -- Giant Christmas Trees, Lights & More

Mosca Design is a proud provider of commercial Christmas decoration products and services, and, as a part of our commitment to serving our clients in NCSC, and VA, we offer installation of decorations.

We work with local parks, downtowns, city halls, shopping centers and more to provide proper installation of the commercial decorations we sell. If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area, ask a Mosca Design decoration consultant if we can install your Christmas lights this season!

Our team has experience installing:

Our Commercial Holiday Decoration Installation Process for Raleigh, NC & Beyond

Thorough installation is what you get from Mosca Design. Our crews will install all lights and decorations to meet the highest esthetic and safety standards. We use the best equipment for hanging your lights and decor -- and they will not harm your property. Our crews will also provide maintenance on all the lights and decorations.

Prompt removal is critical on commercial properties -- Mosca Design crews will return after the holiday season is over and remove all lighting and decorations. We safely and carefully pack all products to ensure extended life and prevent accidental damage.

Reach out to Mosca Design at 1-800-332-6798 today to see if you are in our service area!

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