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C-7 Incandescent Replacement Bulbs (Case of 1000)

Sold in cases of 1,000 bulbs (19 cents each bulb)

Helpful Bulb Diagram

One of the most common and popular lights available.  These bulbs are very durable and guaranteed to last long!  With higher wattage bulbs comes brighter and more of a "stand out" display. Available in a wide array of colors! Learn more about our custom lighting here.

  • weather resistant
  • each bulb = 5 watt
  • bulbs rated at 130 volt to be energy efficient and cool to the touch
  • average lifetime 3,000 hours
  • bulb bases are brass to ensure superior connectivity and toughness against corrosion
  • bulbs approximately 2 inches in length
  • very common in our self standing displays and streamers
  • indoor and outdoor use

Weight: 17 lb.
SKU: C7Inc Case

Decoration Examples