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Main Street Banners

Nothing dresses up a main street more than stylish colorful banners hanging from the street poles and light posts. It is an investment that pays for itself many times over. The regal main street banners offered by Mosca Design proudly beam with civic pride! They are a beacon to everyone driving through to slow down and soak up the charm of your thriving downtown district and/or discover what special event might be happening in the area.

"Seasons Greetings" and other cheerful holiday messages are always popular. However, main street banners can be used for so much more. They can signify ongoing seasonal events like farmers markets or a weekly outdoor concert series. Street banners can proudly display the town slogan in a sophisticated way. You can also rotate through a collection of banners to celebrate the unique mood of winter, spring, fall, and summer. Street banners can denote historic districts and draw attention to local landmarks like aquaria, museums, parks, or arboretums. Street banners are an excellent way to announce special events such as local festivals or upcoming marathon races supporting good causes like cancer research or diabetes education. Sometimes it is nice to simply use street flags to broadcast a special message such as honoring veterans or seniors in the community or congratulating a regional sports team.
Many of the “ready to print” main street banners offered by Mosca Design have a special imprint area reserved for a special message and/or custom graphic to personalize the banner. The exact size of these areas vary by banner. Please see our online selection for details. You can also order completely customized main street banners by calling Mosca Design and explaining what you need to one of their design representatives. Some street flags are made from durable marine acrylic fabric and can be screen printed. If you are looking to imprint a high resolution image, you may want to consider a reinforced blackout vinyl flag with a computer generated digital print as this type of image can display very fine detail.









All of the main street banners offered by Mosca Design hold up exceptionally well to the weather elements. Each banner has double lined rod pockets with tough durable stitching. Each corner that attaches to the pole or post features brass grommets to further increase durability. Mosca Design also offers strong banner brackets and other durable hardware to ensure your flags are held firmly in place. Flag materials are specifically designed to withstand constant sunlight, rain, and snow. If your town is located in a windy area, you may want to consider the option of getting wind slits for your flags. However, if you choose this option, it does void the warranty.
Light pole banners are a good beacon for visitors to stop and linger a while in a public area near your main street. This infuses money into the local economy and helps to foster a regional reputation for friendliness that makes people want to return again and again. Main street banners on college campuses can help new students and visiting parents find their way. If you have a main street running through a shopping center, street banners are good way to add navigational tools to your center while simultaneously displaying artwork.
To select main street flags that will suit your purpose(s) the best, please browse through our online catalog or order a print catalog from Mosca Design. Then, give us a call to discuss your options and develop a specific plan: 800-332-6798. We love working with our customers and pride ourselves in offering the best customer support around!

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