BannerFlex D3 Airow Hardware Set

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The original BannerFlex D3 bracket is available also with the breakthrough technology of the BannerFlex Airow Premium Rod. Designed for large format light pole banners in high wind areas, the Airow allows more than twice the flexibility of the standard full-round arm by providing the necessary structural support nearest the pole. The D3 continues to offer the highest level of durability and performance with no moving parts to wear out. The BannerFlex D3 Banner Bracket is comprised of two major components: the main bracket casting and the fiberglass arm with rod casting. The premium ¾” Airow fiberglass arm is specially designed to dissipate more wind energy to increase flexibility over standard rods by up to 50%, making it perfect for high wind areas and locations where extra wind load reduction is required. The Airow arm is available for 30” banner widths only.