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BannerFlex D3 Bracket

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The patented original BannerFlex D3 bracket has endured the test of time to become the benchmark of the banner hardware industry. Designed for large format light pole banners, the D3 offers the highest level of durability and performance with no moving parts to wear out. The KBW BannerFlex D3 Banner Bracket is comprised of two major components: the main bracket casting and the fiberglass arm with rod casting. The KBW standard 13/16” round fiberglass bracket arm provides flexibility while maintaining strength and increasing banner longevity. The rods can be adjusted without moving the main casting or can be removed altogether or replaced with flag or flower pot holders.


Includes 2 brackets, 2 arms, and 4 screw gear bands

  • Patented
  • Canted for maximum performance
  • Choice of fastener options
  • Strong corrosion resistant aluminum
  • Bright aluminum or black
  • Arms may be removed when no banners are installed
  • No Moving Parts to Wear Out
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