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BannerFlex – Metro, Individual Castings


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Attractive, streamlined design with integrated banding ports. Weather-resistant aluminum alloy bracket with 4 diametric screws and hitch pin to hold banner arm securely in place. UV treated fiberglass banner arms (CNC tapered or 19mm diameter round): removable and adjustable, flex under wind loading allowing air to spill off the outside of the banner thus reducing stress on the banner and lamp column. Tested to withstand up to 120mph wind force. Unique Canted Banner Arm Design The top arm is canted up, the bottom arm is canted down. When the banner is installed the canted arms put the banner under tension to transfer wind force to the fiberglass. This produces a taut, tight, and trim banner appearance with no ‘flopping’ or ‘sagging’. Engineered for Durability Universal bracket designed for installation on to round/square/octagonal/fluted lamp standards. Integral cast loop for anchoring banner with nylon ties. Black finish available for an additional cost. Can accommodate one or two banners per pole. Engineered for durability with no moving or mechanical parts to wear-out

The Metro Banner Bracket was specifically designed in response to requests for a smaller but adjustable system designed for use on all small to mid-sized diameter lamp columns. The system boasts all of the features of the Standard D3 bracket, but in a more compact form.

Set Includes Both Top and Bottom Arm & Casting