C7 Incandescent Lamps

Starting at $9.00



  • Weather resistant
  • Each bulb = 5 watt
  • Bulbs rated at 130 volt to be energy efficient and cool to the touch
  • Average lifetime 3,000 hours
  • Bulb bases are brass to ensure superior connectivity and toughness against corrosion
  • Bulbs approximately 2 inches in length
  • Very common in our self standing displays and streamers
  • Indoor and outdoor use
*Pricing Updated as of 10-6-2022
  • Available in Clear, Red, Amber, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink or Teal
  • One of the most common and popular lights available.  These bulbs are very durable and guaranteed to last long!  With higher wattage bulbs comes brighter and more of a “stand out” display.