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5mm Wide Angle LED Mini Lights


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  • Green Wire or Brown Wire
  • 70 lights per strand
  • 23 ft. length
  • 4 in. spacing
  • 4.83 total watts, 0.069 watts per bulb, 120 volt, 43 max sets connected
  • End to end connectors.
  • Plastic non-breakable bulbs.
  • Use for wrapping limbs on trees. Produces a strong, intense light.
  • Commercial grade LED lights!
  • Mini lights are a great addition to any traditional holiday display or program.
  • Wrap them around trees and their branches to dazzle onlookers and usher in the holiday season.
  • Place them under snow blankets to really illuminate your display and make it unique or hang them from the ceiling to create a beautiful light curtain!
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