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Storage for Commercial Holiday Decorations in Raleigh, NC & Surrounding Areas

Buying commercial holiday decorations or lights for your commercial or municipal property but don’t have anywhere to store them in the offseason? Good news! For clients in our local area, Mosca Design provides safe storage options for your valuable decorations.

We safely and carefully pack all products ourselves -- this ensures extended life and helps prevent accidental damage. And, with Mosca Design, you can trust they’ll be ready to come out again whenever you need them next, performing as well as they did when you first bought them from us!

Managers and owners of Raleigh-area shopping malls, downtowns, parks, city halls, city centers and more all rely on Mosca Design to store their holiday decor!

Our Storage Process for Your Holiday Lights, Christmas Trees, Wreaths & More

A Mosca Design team member will visit your site after the holiday or event is over and disassemble your decor in a timely fashion. During that time, we’ll take the proper precautions to ensure your lights, Christmas trees or wreaths are safe and secure.

Safe storage of your Christmas lights and decorations is found in our storage facility. Once all items have been removed and placed in boxes we take them to Mosca Design for safe keeping over the next 12 months -- we can even refurbish them for you, if need be!

If you’re located in the Raleigh-Durham area and would like to see if you’re eligible to receive our decoration storage services, contact Mosca Design at 1-800-332-6798.

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