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Attention municipal property managers, shopping center managers, and business owners!

If you are looking for a way to attract people to your location, there is no better way than Christmas light displays! People wait all year, often with great anticipation, to see them! In fact, many people are willing to drive many miles to behold their grandeur!

With the sun setting extra early in the winter, going to see fabulous Christmas displays lit against a dark sky with commercial LED lights is a favorite annual activity for people of all ages. It is a touching sight to see three, sometimes even four, generations marveling at the same Christmas display.

Families pile the kids in the car right after dinner to go looking for the best Christmas light displays they can find! They may even take a neighbor along. Friends get together and do the same. Guys planning a fabulous first date incorporate a walk under the Christmas lights as a romantic ending to a perfect evening on the town. Going to see the larger Christmas light displays is the perfect way to entertain out of town guests during the holiday season.

Mosca Design not only sells C-7 and C-9 commercial grade LED lights, they draw upon their 32 years of design experience to help their customers come up with great ideas for Christmas light displays. They can help you know exactly which Christmas lights would work best for a particular purpose and location whether it be simple yet elegant garland wrapped light poles, an outdoor building wreath, huge Christmas trees, holiday topiaries, or large intricate displays for the center of a shopping center.

Mosca Design carries the highest quality C-7 and C-9 commercial grade LED Christmas lights on the market. All of them are nickel plated to improve connectivity and prevent corrosion. The bulbs are multi-faceted to evenly distribute the light. This also makes them “sparkle” like a diamond for a very enjoyable effect.

Here are the dimensions for C-7, C-9, and even medium base commercial grade lights:

LED lights have many advantages over incandescent lights. Energy efficiency is one of best. Using only 0.96 watts, they can save you up to 90 percent on your energy bill compared to incandescent lights! At the same time, they last much longer than incandescent lights, burning continuously for approximately 60,000 hours! This also means they can be used on much longer strings of lights. The bulbs are made from acrylic resin which prevents them from cracking and fading. Since they use less energy, LED lights are also cool to the touch, even after being in use for a long time. This is a great safety feature for areas where kids are running around outside and for indoor Christmas displays as the chance of fire is much lower than incandescent lights.

Mosca Design also offers various types of specialty LED lights. One type are C7 twinkle lights that go on and off with a nice steady rhythm.  Mosca Design also offers a clear C9 incandescent light. These lights look fabulous on wreaths and garland mixed with steady burning lights. Another type of specialty C7 LED lights are ones that can be dimmed. These work great on lighted self-standing Christmas displays and in trees.  Mosca Design also has a line of frosted C7 LEDs that give a smooth/pastel and obviously, a frosted look to the display. Another type of specialty LED lights are mini wide angle LED lights with a concave cone shape used to project the light. These work great to wrap tree trunks, branches, and work very well for lighting bushes and decorative shrubbery.  Our mini LED lights also come in a faceted cone shape C6 and M5.  All mini lights can use the same sockets and wire, however, they cannot be used along with C7 or C9 streamers or power plugs that depend on polarity.

There is nothing better than Christmas lights for winning over the hearts and minds of a community. Better yet, people never forget a great Christmas light display! You’ll hear people saying things like, “Do you remember the display they had at ABC Shopping Center last year… it was awesome!” The reply usually goes something like, “Yes, I remember that one… it was spectacular… I hope they do it again this year… did you have a chance to see the downtown riverfront all decorated last year?” “Oh yes! We loved it… the kids kept begging to go back… and we took Sarah’s parents when they visited and they said it was the highlight of their visit!”
People remember lighted Christmas displays for a very long time. It is well worth the investment!

Call Mosca Design to discuss the types of lights you will need for your Christmas light displays. They are the best in the business at designing these types of displays from both a creative perspective and technical perspective. It is a nice bonus to get this expert advice from well experienced and talented professionals when you order your commercial LED holiday lights.

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