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Mosca Design | Commercial Holiday Decorations

Installation Services

Mosca Design is a proud provider of commercial Christmas decorating products and installation services for local and national markets.

Products We Install

  • Banners
  • Giant Christmas Trees
  • Pole-Mounted Decorations
  • Wreaths & Garlands
  • Bows & Building Front Decor
  • Lighting
  • Decorative Props
  • and Much More!

    Places We Install

    • Local Parks
    • Municipalities
    • Shopping Centers and Commercial Spaces
    • Drive Through / Walk Through Light Shows

    Thorough Installation

    Our crews will install all lights and decorations to meet the highest esthetic and safety standards. We use the best equipment for hanging your lights and decor without harming your property. Our crews will also provide maintenance on all the lights and decorations.

    Prompt Removal

    Prompt removal is critical on commercial properties! Our crews will return after the holiday season is over and remove all lighting and decorations. We safely and carefully pack all products to ensure extended life and prevent accidental damage.


    We offer refurbishment services to extend the life of your displays. We’ll arrange for your displays to be picked up and returned to you in like-new condition


    We recommend choosing storage local to you, but we do have storage options available.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Our team is ready to help make your project successful! Contact us today and learn more about our installation options

    Additional Services We Offer

    Light Show Design Consultation

    Music Synchronized Holiday Light Show by Mosca Design

    RGB Programming