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RGB Fountain

  • 32′ x 14′ RGB Fountain
  • Made with RGB Pebbles on 8″ Centers
  • All components, controllers, power supplies, NDBs, spacer cables included

RGB Panel Trees

Christmas trees are a staple in holiday decorations. Decorated with beautiful ornaments and lights, trees can be an expression of one’s self or a community. With RGB lights on a Panel Tree, you can turn your tree into a canvas of moving color and light. Your tree could spiral any color of the rainbow, have a reindeer run around your tree, or even spell out a warming holiday greeting. The sky is the limit!

Panel Trees

The RGB Trees are available in these sizes below: 
• 14 ft. with 3 ft. topper (overall height of 17 ft.)
• 18 ft. with 4 ft. topper (overall height of 22 ft.)
• 22 ft. with 4 ft. topper (overall height of 26 ft.)
• 26 ft. with 4 ft. topper (overall height of 30 ft.)
• 30 ft. with 5 ft. topper (overall height of 35 ft.)
• 34 ft. with 6 ft. topper (overall height of 40 ft.)
• 38 ft. with 6 ft. topper (overall height of 44 ft.)
• 42 ft. with 6 ft. topper (overall height of 48 ft.)
• 46 ft. with 6 ft. topper (overall height of 54 ft.)
• 50 ft. with 6 ft. topper (overall height of 56 ft.)

RGB Tree of Lights

A Tree of Lights is a great way to create a beautiful Christmas Tree effect for night time.  Trees of Light are classis displays that feature a simple frame and strings of lights attached to a base and the top of the pole.  RGB Trees of Light have proven to be a very popular and cost effective way to add beautiful color and movement to any holiday display.  RGB Trees of Light can feature standard pre-programmed effects and can also be customized to display a personal message or be synced to music.

Tree of Lights

Standard RGB Tree Sizes
• 15 ft. with 2 ft. topper (overall height of 17 ft.)
•18 ft. with 3 ft. topper (overall height of 21 ft.)

RGB Arch Tunnels

RGB arch tunnels are another popular display for both walk-through and drive-through light shows. The arches are constructed with powder-coated steel and lit with our RGB pebble lights. Our standard controller for arch tunnels features 26 built-in effects that can be modified.

Walk Through Arch Tunnel

Standard Walkthrough Arch Tunnel Package includes:
• 10 arches measuring at 13 ft. wide x 12 ft. tall
• each arch is lit with 36 RGB pebble lights
• also includes a controller and hardware.

Drive Through Arch Tunnel

Standard Drive Through Arch Tunnel Package includes:
• 10 arches measuring at 28 ft. wide x 23 ft. tall
• each arch is lit with 70 RGB pebble lights
• also includes a controller and hardware

RGB Orbs

RGB orbs are a unique lighting product that can be used in a variety of ways. Orb fields are a perfect way to light up a landscape in walk-through light shows transforming the ground into a canvas of light and color.

40 Orb Field

• includes 13 250mm, 13 350mm, and 14 500mm sized orbs
• also includes spacers and controllers

80 Orb Field

• includes 26 250mm, 27 350mm, and 27 500mm sized orbs
• also includes spacers and controllers

RGB Icons

RGB Icons are a newer and popular decoration that is constructed from powder-coated, plasma-cut metal and are available in a variety of icon designs. These icons are lit with a 10 watt RGB floodlight and are available with a proprietary chipset or a WS2811 chipset.

Fiberglass C7s

Another newer and popular holiday decoration is our giant-sized fiberglass C7 lights. These lights can be arranged in any way and are controlled by an app that enables you to adjust any color pattern.

RGB Grids

RGB grids are perfect for drive through light shows!  With RGB grids you can display custom animations, sponsor logos, and holiday greetings!  Grids can be controlled with a standard controller with built in effects, however, we recommend custom programming to really show off the capability of grids.


RGB pixels come in many shapes and sizes. For our RGB displays, we use a popular pebble-style pixel.  A pebble style pixel is a durable, low-profile pixel featuring RGB diodes on both sides to give it a 360-degree view.

We also use a different pebble pixel that features 2 diodes on both sides to increase the overall brightness. Voltages of these pixels can be 12 volts DC or 24 volts DC and can even feature a warm white diode to make it an RGBW pixel.

Spacing between pixels can be 4, 6, 9, or 12 inches apart and wire color can either be black or clear.  These pixels use a proprietary chipset which is one of, if not, the best chipset available. It allows the pixels to operate with many more color values and faster frame rates.

Controllers & Accessories

RGB Controllers/Network Effect Controllers (NECs) send data to the lights to control the colors, timing, and effects. These effects can be custom programmed or you can use the effects built into the controllers.

Network Distribution Boxes (NDBs) distribute power and data from your controller to your light pixels. Spacer cables are used between the RGB controller and first light or for use between light strings and fixtures.

Custom Programming

Looking for a custom sequence for your RGB display? We can help with that! We have worked with many of our customers to create a unique custom sequence for almost all of our RGB applications. Sequences can be synced with customer provided sound tracks or soundless if your application doesn’t require it.

RGB Programming Questionaire:

  1. In detail, what type of displays will be included in programming?
    — Examples: panel trees, tree of lights, grids, etc.
  2. Will the display/s be synced to music?
    — if yes – disclaimer: Mosca Design does not sell music tracks, we do not own the rights to the music customer must own the music tracks and provide them for sequencing. The customer is responsible for any BMI, ASCAP, etc. licensing if they are needed.  Mosca Design does not sell audio equipment such as speakers or amplifiers.
  3. Are there any special requests or ideas for the sequencing?
  4. Will this display/show need to run on a schedule?
    — if yes – what are your start and stop times? Also, will this show run in intervals?  For example…every 15 minutes or every 30 minutes etc.
    — if yes to interval timing – will you need filler effects to run in between shows?
  5. Is the show going to feature a countdown kick-off?
    — if yes – is the customer wanting to trigger the kick off themselves or is it ok to program it into the show?
  6. Does the customer want to access the show controller to make changes to show schedule?
    — if yes – the customer must have a laptop with a CAT5 port or have the show controller synced with a dedicated available wifi signal.


  • The displays be hooked up to dedicated power and not generators. Generators do work but some can fluctuate on voltage and/or surge which can damage the RGB power supplies, controllers, etc.
  • Controllers should be mounted above ground and upright to ensure water, dirt, etc from getting in the controller boxes.
  • When taking down and storing: all connections should be disconnected. Keeping spacer wires, CAT5 cables, etc connected can damage the controller ports.  Lights should be taken care of.  Nothing heavy should be stacked on top of a bundle of RGB lights.
  • It is recommended for customers to have a person on hand that can learn and understand how the display is setup and configured for future help of troubleshooting and setting back up in future seasons.
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