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Want To Save Money And Produce An Amazing Christmas Lighting Experience? Save With LED!

If you are planning commercial Christmas decorations and lighting, and want to save yourself a small fortune, the way to go is with LED lights. By retrofitting your Christmas lights with LED lights, you can cut an amazing amount off your utility bill. Not only that, you will also be doing the environment a favor as well. Apart from any other consideration, LED lights run at a far lower temperature than other forms of lighting. If you use incandescent bulbs, for instance, you will know just how hot they get. Heat is energy, and energy in the form of heat – when what you want is light – is simply energy wasted, and thus money down the drain. In simple terms, the more heat a bulb gives out, the more money you are spending on something that you neither need nor want. Commercial Christmas lights can run away with a lot of money, depending on the display that you want to present. However, in order to do the job properly and present the lighting that you want, it is a fairly safe bet that you intend to light up the night sky in a way that will startle and impress your potential customers. That means lots of light, and lots of colors. Furthermore, the last thing you need with a Christmas light display, or drive-through light show, is the situation where your light bulbs blow, leaving your display almost literally less than stellar. There is nothing much worse than a Christmas light display, with random lights out! LED lights can last anything between 10,000 and 50,000 hours (in some cases more) compared to the 2,000 hours of incandescents – if you are lucky. They will also save around 80% of the electricity. Put in simple terms, let’s suppose you have ten 60 watt incandescent bulbs and change them over to LEDs. Over the lifetime of the LEDs – assuming only a 25,000 hour life – and depending on the rate that your utility supplier charges, on the ten bulbs you could quite easily save $2,000. If the LEDs lasted 50,000 hours, you’d save double that – $4,000! That would pay for a couple of really nice holidays, just for switching light bulbs. From the cost point of view alone, switching over to LEDs makes total sense. Of course, at Christmas, we want to celebrate, and what better way than with the many different possibilities of LED lights? You can choose from a wide variety of LED light colors to make a stunning statement for your town. You can have giant Christmas trees with an amazing assortment of colored LEDs which can be either static, or changed in sequence. You might want pole mounted wreaths, garlanded strands, or more. Anything that you can do for your town in order to attract visitors, and in turn benefit your local traders, is going to be welcomed by both residents and business owners alike. Certainly, you might look at it as a cost exercise, and indeed, there is a cost. However, the return on investment can be out of all proportion to the initial cost. Not only that, you can use your display year after year. Your LEDs will last almost forever if you only have them in use for three weeks of the year. If your display lights up at dusk and continues throughout the night – and it contains a myriad of bulbs – then you are going to make significant savings even in a short period. The range of possible designs is limitless, but many local corporations will choose to go with the obvious Christmas favorites such as reindeer, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, holly wreaths, and similar designs. These will always be welcomed at this special time of year. However, it is worth bearing in mind that whatever you can conceive, can be achieved with LED lights. So if you want a man in the moon, a Christmas pudding, a rabbit, or the symbol of the town baseball team, it can be created. If you own an apartment block, you might want to decorate it in order to attract new tenants. Perhaps you run a local business and you want to promote a new product. You can have it up in lights and covering the whole of the front of your factory or offices. Using LEDs is a great way of making a statement that people will remember for a long time to come – far more so than simply placing an advertisement in the local newspaper, or on TV. Another way to use LED lighting at home in the Christmas season is to install a projector in your yard. You can then point it at a tree, a statue, or anything else that you wish, and simply press the switch. Bingo! You have instant lighting that only took you moments to install, where your neighbors spent the whole weekend climbing up ladders to decorate their home, and then have to repeat the exercise in January to take it all down again! If you run a local corporation, you can mount it on a building in your local park, or light up the council offices, or any other building that will make visitors gasp in astonishment. It’s always a good idea to aim Christmas lighting decorations at the kids. If you can make them go “Wow, Mom, look at that!” Mom is going to remember your display for a lot longer than one that is aimed solely at her. The same thing goes for Dad. Certainly, with the modern technology of LED lights, the way you decorate during the holiday season – and for that matter at any other time of the year – is limited only by your own creative ideas. It would be almost fair to say that there are no limits. Whether you are using lighting for business or corporate purposes or simply as an illumination for your home during the holiday season, LEDs will serve you well, last for years, and keep your utility bills down to the absolute minimum. Since the technology is now well and truly advanced, it is simply a matter of grasping hold of it. You can create stunning displays and save a lot of money at the same time.

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