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Serene and elegant grapevine ball lights give any outdoor space a warm and inviting appeal. They are the first objects noticed from a distance, a cheerful beacon inviting people to come closer. As people approach these beautiful bright orbs more closely, they will admire the natural look of the twisted grapevines. Walking among a field of grapevine ball lights gives one a tranquil peaceful feeling.

Grapevine ball lights’ natural elegance makes them perfect for hanging from the ceiling or beams inside rustic buildings, hanging from trees in parks or other landscaped areas, and scattering them on the ground throughout fields or courtyards where people gather such as outdoor concert venues and outdoor shopping mall spaces. At Christmastime, grapevine ball lights make for beautiful lighted spheres that accentuate well a variety of Christmas light displays.

Mosca Design offers grapevine ball lights ranging in size from small to gigantic, 6 inches to 90 inches in diameter! Each grapevine ball is densely laced with wide angle commercial LED lights. For example, their 24 inch in diameter grapevine light decorations carry a whopping 280 lamps! However, these beautifully lighted spheres softly scatter light without glare. The color for the LED light wiring is colored to blend in well with the grapevines and complement the color of the lights chosen. For example, brown wiring is used with warm white lights on natural grapevine. On the other hand, green wiring is used on grapevine balls decked out with multi-colored lights, which of course makes these multi-colored grapevine ball lights perfect for Christmas decorations!

Grapevine light decorations sell like hotcakes because they are so versatile and people love them so much. If you are trying to make a decision about whether or not to include grapevine ball lights in your design/space, you make be wondering, “Why do people like grapevine light decorations so much?”
From a design perspective, this question is answered best by the study of human psychology and the most basic human nature, i.e. what is hard-wired into the human brain! In other words, our reactions to certain shapes and designs comes from our ancestral subconscious without us even knowing the reasons why we have the responses we do.
Psychologists love to test the emotional response people get from looking at different shapes and geometric patterns. This type of study has been done repeated, always with the same basic results. Circles and spheres evoke a sense of love, friendship, warmth, affection, harmony, peace, and community. Human beings are intrinsically wired to feel comforted by spheres. They seem to cradle and nurture our emotions and give us a sense of well-being.

The symmetry of the sphere-shaped grapevine ball lights also make them very attractive to the human mind. A person’s eye will automatically gravitate toward objects and patterns that are symmetrical. Therefore, if a person is scanning the landscape from a distance, it is natural for spheres to catch their eye first. With the dense lacing of commercial LED lights Mosca Design adds to their grapevine light decorations, these orbs become a dazzling focal point to the human eye.

Large spherical grapevine light decorations are also subconsciously recognized as portraying a majestic and powerful sense of purpose. Archaeologists know this by studying caveman art and the symbols on ancient pottery and jewelry. The symbols of circles and spheres almost always represented the sun and the moon, celestial objects held in great reverence. Even today, in our modern world, the sphere, especially a large lighted sphere, is a shape we immediately view in awe.

If you want to make a grand statement without breaking the bank, grapevine ball lights are an excellent choice to use in your design! Give Mosca Design a call today and let one of their expert consultants help you decide what size grapevine ball lights would look best in your space and how many you’ll need to set the mood you want to set. They have 32 years of design experience to draw on and know intuitively at this point what works well. They can also help you select the best color scheme and suggest other decorations that would complement these awesome lighted spheres. If you have a custom design in mind, don’t hesitate to mention this to Mosca Design as they can accommodate any ideas you may have and even help you plan them out.

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